History & Achievements

CAPDM Ltd was incorporated on the 11th October 1996 by Martin Smith, Duncan Hothersall, Richard Kirby and Ken Currie. We are based in Edinburgh, UK.

The goal of the founders was to create a company that would apply the new international SGML/XML information standards, and internet and electronic publishing technologies, to improve the quality of materials provision in education.

The company name came from a generic model of information publishing, the CAPDM Model, that emerged in the late 1980s to address the technical manual publishing needs of aircraft companies and automotive manufacturers.

During its early years, the company was fortunate to be heavily involved in the development and growth of the highly successful distance learning MBA program at Edinburgh Business School, which today is the largest non-tutored online distance learning MBA program in the World.


A few of our company development highlights have been:


Simply Academy
renewed CeMAP and CMACert programmes

University of London International Programmes
setup new Courseworker application service for the team to use for course development. Co-development of new Queen-Mary MBA program.


University of London International Programmes
delivery of ground-breaking master’s program, that enables students to gain an MSc degree and ACCA professional accountancy qualification at the same time

University of West of Scotland
renewed program maintenance and online delivery service agreement for their online MBA Program


University of London International Programmes
new online distance learning program development contract

Simply Academy
new online distance learning program development contract

Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors
new online distance learning program development contract

Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy
new online distance learning program development contract

OpenQAsS and Flip-IT!
began work on 3-year EU funded Erasmus+ projects


British Council 
won public tender for continued development/maintenance and environment delivery of successful Connecting Classrooms professional development environment. This work included single source mastering and management, and ongoing Moodle service support for courses being delivered to 15,000+ users worldwide in English, Bangala and Chinese.

University of West of Scotland
development of two new online MBA and Certificate in Higher Education programmes

Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors
new programme development

The Policy Practice
new programme development

new production work

OpenQAsS Erasmus+ project
European project partnership


British Council
production of 6 new courses in Bangala for the Connecting Classrooms international schools programme and XML course domain

University of Iceland
development of a swim-science MOOC

Brunel University
single-source published new online course

Dundee University
single-source published new online Masters course for Medical School

University West of Scotland 
single-source published new online course in Health and Fitness

third European production partnership for a Leonardo da Vinci funded project

Opus Learning Ltd.
launch of our own online distance learning B2B College and approved Scottish Qualifications Authority Study Centre


re-launch of our application service on Amazon EC2 Cloud platform

Edinburgh Napier University
launch of two new online global Masters programmes


Liverpool John Moores University
delivery of three new Masters programmes

Edinburgh Napier Universitypartnership to develop and market two more Masters level programs

EdICT Training
working to develop a new Diploma in ICT for Teachers

SME 2.0
second European production partnership for a Leonardo da Vinci funded project


Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors UK
development of Advanced Diploma program for online delivery

British Council
online workshops for the Global Schools Partnership program

University of Edinburgh
three new online Certificate modules in Sports Science


University College of Estate Management
licensed Courseworker XML production environment for course production

Liverpool John Moores University
won public tender for £150K contract to develop three new Masters programs


The London Instiute of Banking and Finance (ifs University College)
licensed first Courseworker XML production environment

TIES (Iceland) and TENEGEN (Hungary)
European course production partnerships for the Leonardo da Vinci projects


British Council
development of on-line workshop environment for Global Schools Partnership program using our Digital Workbook concept to implement a simple, flexible and highly-innovative, eportfolio solution for teachers around the World.


£10 million
helped our customers achieve more than £10 million of global education business in one year


UK Schools
developed and delivered a national program in finance for UK schools


West Lothian Council
development of accredited eLearning course units for new Business Learning Network portal


Interactive University
development of distance learning “Business English” program


Deloitte & Touche’s 5th fastest growing technology company in the UK, 30th fastest in Europe


Pearson Education
substantial program development contract

New Head Office
move to central Edinburgh


series of innovative reusable learning objects and simulations in finance and mathematics for Heriot-Watt University


Edinburgh Business School
new eMBA production contract


produced learning materials in finance which helped the launch of Unext.com in Chicago


City of Edinburgh
launched the city’s website EdWeb (bringing over 1 million web visitors to virtually visit the official guide to the city online)


in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK